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Creative part generation chain -workshop

“How can I harness my full creative potential? What subconscious patterns of thought and action in my family limit my creativity?
How do events in the past dictate the present?

During the workshop, which combines theater, visual arts and family constellations, we explore how the events of the past affect our creativity, our ability to create, build, imagine and make ideas come true.

Participants are invited to travel back in time to their family’s past and to events whose echoes still ring in their lives. Participants have the opportunity to see themselves as part of a larger whole and to become aware of and change subconscious patterns that limit their own lives and are adopted by the family. When the patterns of intergenerational trauma are seen, realized, and confronted, our creativity can flow and we can finally begin to live a life that looks like ourselves, free from the burdens of the past. “