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Croquis with Peppi


Croquis comes!
Croquis, life drawing – is taken to a new level when people get to participate in the role of both the artist and the muse. In this quick sketch art exercise, you don’t have time to think too much but get immersed in a line drawn with charcoal or ink. In the muse section, you can experience an empowering, new approach to nudity and your own body. The challenge of staying still can even be felt as meditative. Anyone is welcome to be muse and every daring person is guaranteed to receive their applause!
Peppi is an artist-photographer who implements various experiential art courses and events for her profession under the name Paint with Peppi. Peppi is driven by a lifelong interest in learning and teaching new ways to realize and experience the visual arts. She has a strong belief that creative doing belongs to everyone.