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Hidria Spacefolk

“Hidria Spacefolk was thrown into the stratosphere twenty years ago and continues to orbit its own astrophysical core, leaving behind like a comet a trail of psychedelic-sparkling tonality that condenses and plunges its listeners towards deeper spheres and new levels of consciousness.”

Hidria Spacefolk is a band founded in the hippie commune of Lohja at the end of the 1990s, which proves authentic space rock of the old school, which rarely comes across in Finland. The throbbing space prog of the ensemble, which has a kind of cult reputation, is surrounded by pulsating machine rhythms, oriental modes and unsuspicious melodies, which lead the listener into a warm swaying trance.

Hidria Spacefolk, which has released several albums over the years, typically performs brilliantly in live situations for the genre it represents, and the band’s skillful playing will absorb even an experienced astral traveler.

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