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Juggling -workshop

Juggling combined with physical exercise exercises makes us feel different experiences and emotional states. What does juggling bring to us?

During the workshop, we will go through various coordination and movement exercises that nurture emotional states, and we will focus on exploring different possibilities for juggling for its experiencer.
Juggling is best known today as a form of entertainment and art, but the more than 5,000-year-old history of juggling is all the more complex and involves a lot of mystery and mysticism.

Juggling has been used e.g. in ceremonial rituals, in the expulsion of evil spirits, as a showcase of war skills, and has been believed to increase women’s fertility. For some, it is a means of self-challenge, play, or meditation. This species, which is thousands of years old, is perhaps much more versatile than has been studied.

Focusing on throwing, catching, or rotating an object through the body gives you a sense of concentration during which everything else around you is forgotten. This concentration well is of a kind that can even feel at best that the object and the body become one. Juggling has been found to activate certain open areas that help people with ADHD, for example, refocus. In practice, the state of concentration caused by juggling excites the brain to such an extent that people with overactivity are able to refocus for longer periods of time which has a very calming effect.