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Having toured all over Finland, Kasumisu has established herself in Helsinki clubs, subculture events (UG raves) and has been playing actively since 2014: mainly in Helsinki.

Kasumisu has been organizing her own events since the beginning of her career (Tavastia, Kuudes Linja, Ääniwalli etc. UG / Open Air) and has been actively playing gigs since 2014.

At her gigs, good self-made sets have been widely heard at various events, from Acid to House, Electro to Indie Dance and Old School Hardcore. If there’s one good thing she can say about herself as a DJ, it’s “good taste in music”.

Kasumisu loves urban culture and machine music culture and wants events and opportunities to increase, with older quality DJs and new talented and promising names that have surfaced. It was important to her to book those talents who deserve to be heard in front of a bigger audience.