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Mindfunk Monkeys

Elemental Alchemy Performance

MFM is an intuitive performance group that draws on the moment and the universal source, opening the gates of consciousness with movement and energetic holding.
Combining elements from dance, acrobatics, ritual magic, theater, sound, and singing, we create an expression of the moment and time where man encounters the animal, the animal god, the past present, the present future, and the newborn the ancient.

MFM was born in 2017 and since then, in addition to many underground events, we have performed at the Kosmos Festival and the Utopia Festival.
Elemental Alchemy Performance is the latest channeling for monkeys and will happen for the first time in 2022, so be there!
Elemental magic and the sacred power of the feminine essence are promised. <3

At Mitäs you will meet Elsi Valeriana, Milka Lähde and Marleena Arianna from Mindfunk Monkeys.