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Muuntuva lelukauppa

The transforming toy store is a demo of a material-based wordless performance in which the space itself acts as the protagonist. The work explores childhood through the play of space, as a constantly changing toy store, on the terms of which performers also operate. The performance plays with contrasts, red, heavy and light, forgetting minimalism. It is a visual art, a moving performance study of an expanding and shrinking world, and how much human thoughts can fit inside it.

Toys lead the viewer from the present to memories and back to the present, to admire the ever-changing world of the toy trade. Materials grow from small and detailed to large, space-wide imaginations that shrink back to themselves. The language of the stage is a play that gets dark tones from time to time. Saturated with rich colors and changing elements, the performance does not offer an argument, but a space-time experience in the toy store for one’s own thoughts and feelings.

What will be premiered at the Whats Whats festival is the release of the late millennials Isola and Vahala into the rich imaginative world of their own childhood.