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The sound of Nykypost combines Ginsberg’s fiery and psychedelic spoken word tradition of punk, Thrasher and a return to the cultural heritage of the movies. The current mail consists of e.g. Lighthouse project and T. Salminen (words and speech) and AV Muurman (synthesizers and programming).
Nykypost released their LP in February through svart Records.
Fuck the good old days album manages to capture Nykypost at the same time as a magical and perceived pulsating stage prestige, as well as capturing raw energy at all possible. The ensemble relies on the hip-hop design language of the 90s, the timeless experimental noise, as well as the diversity of the early days of the new wave and punk, or the more poetic wing of English folk music of the 60s and 70s.
Nykypost, both on stage and on record, appeals to those in the x-generation and the intervening microgeneration who have passionately observed and devoured the phenomena of the counter- and subcultures of their time, alongside more mainstream pop culture.


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