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Sur-rur is a band founded in Lapua in 1996, also called a cult band, whose eighth album, Entisyydestämmekinköhän, will be released in March 2022. The previous full-length, Hattarahiusto, was nominated for the Teosto award in spring 2020. Sur-rur’s line-up has remained the same since 2000: Ville Vuorenmaa – vocals and guitar, Kimmo Pohjapelto – drums, Ville Laurila – bass and vocals.

Sur-rur’s simplified guitar/bass/drums expression has been honed to its peak through many years of experience playing together, and at the same time the band has managed to keep the sway and liveliness of Crazy Horse/Dead Moon in their playing. Over the years, the band has formed its own dedicated audience.

Sur-ruri’s music goes from punk to many different directions. At the same gig or album, the band may perform minute-long fast punk riffs and ten-minute epics. Hero Dishonest recently described the band by naming one of their songs like this: “Sur-rur is the best band in the world”.