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Teini-Pää is the messenger of pöhköpop, whose relatable songs have already charmed many people on concert stages. The band’s music combines catchy pop melodies with the do-it-yourself aesthetics of American garage bands. Teini-Pää’s songs make you fall in love, dream and make sharp observations about life. Teini-Pää’s addictive sense of style easily sweeps through the ever-engaging, raucous rallies to the wistful pedaling of the harmonic minor victory. Effortlessness and melodies that stick like pink bubblegum serve as the glue for everything. Teini-Pää is wonderful summer night music, whose twist seasoned with elements of pop and punk punk progresses accompanied by crackling guitar leads with a unique effortless charm – Teini-Pää is heavenly sparkle!

The debut album Maailma jahä äätää was released by the Soit Se Silti record company in January 2022. The band has convinced its listeners in the past with small releases, which have all sold out. The album collected a huge number of positive reviews after its release. It was selected as Radio Helsingin’s record of the week and the album’s song Heartbreaker as the YleX Nosteessa song. Since the release of the album, the band has toured hard and delighted their audience both in clubs and at numerous festivals. The band is also nominated in the Critics’ Choice category at Emma Gala 2023.

Teini-Pää publishes 10.2.2023 their second album called Sata syytä aloittaa.

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