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Antti Rasi

I used to have a biography filled with witty remarks about the clichés often used in these. I think I’ve grown out of that – like I’ve grown out of self-promoting and marketing. I also got bored of pretending that somebody else writes these biographies for me. I could come up with a long list of internationally acclaimed DJs I’ve shared the stage with, all the clubs I’ve played in and all the instruments I’ve touched since I learned to walk but I can’t see the point in doing so. Not too sure if it tells too much about the music I make and play anyways.

At some point the electronic music scene steered more into the hype than the music itself. At least it felt like that to me. Hence I found myself  locked into the realm of my studio spending my precious energy on making music rather than sharing my life on social media.  The music I create and play varies around different sub genres of house – and probably techno as well to some extent. It grooves around 120 beats per minutes and hopefully takes you to another place; at least for a while.