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Nicolas van Dedem, better known as BALU, is a Utrecht based vinyl collector/selector from Frankfurt am Main that turned to DJing through his endless love for music and the sonic experience it can bring to our lives.

“For me music is an emotional life companion and has steered me in various ways. Music helped me to overcome anxieties and misconceptions about life and show me the real meaning of beauty in its purest form.”

BALU comes from the analogue music world and plays guitar, piano, drums & percussions and only briefly immersed himself with digital djing for about two years to quickly turn back to analogue with his vinyl records. For 10 years now he has been actively collecting vinyl and his collection is growing everyday with genres ranging from jazz influenced hip hop to acid techno. Also micro-house and the minimalistic genres have coined an interest and are often mixed with dub techno and break-beat cuts that definitely stand out in his oeuvre.
Moreover, he is often booked for his funky disco-house sets in and around Utrecht, Netherlands, where he curates an online radio station called Birdcage Radio and runs 3 labels called Minokawa Records, Artefax Movement and Unmute.