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Becoming Wholly – a butoh workshop

Do you wanna try becoming something else for a change? Transforming the body through mental imagery and internal narratives interest you? Let’s do it by dancing ourselves out of ourselves.

Sometimes with music, sometimes with the help of natures elements, with my guidance (you don’t need to know anything or force anything) and planned exercises to help you get going you will be able to touch new aspects of existence.

The workshop will be held in English (unless the group consists only of Finnish speakers).

Trigger warning:

A few exercises are done on groups/in pairs and might contain ”on stage”-moments, which might make someone anxious.

Info about the workshop leader:

Sami Juhani Rekola is a performance artist, speaker and a dancer. He has strong background in applied arts, workshop leading and in the area of bodywork/well-being.

For him, butoh represents freedom to be whatever, however you want. It’s a process opening to magick and the complete transfiguration of your parts.

Picture Silja Eriksson