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Jori Hulkkonen

From the edge of Europe comes a child of the plastic age, a man of the final hour.

Finland’s Jori Hulkkonen has never been the one to paint himself in the corner.
With releases over 25 years exploring 360 degrees on the musical radar, he’s
been hailed as ”the most underrated producer in the world”, ”living legend of
electronic composition” and ”music’s best kept secret”.

Since his debut 12″ in 1993, Jori has released over 20 artist albums, while
singles, EP’s and remixes tick in well over 200 mark. Collaborators include
people as diverse as John Foxx, José Gonzales, Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop
Boys and Jesper Dahlbäck.

Jori has also co-written and produced number of tracks for the Canadian
superstar Tiga, such as “Sunglasses at Night”, “Bugatti” and “Woke.”
As a DJ Jori has travelled across the globe eversince the mid 90’s and played
hundreds of clubs and festivals from Australia to Zurich -and every alphabet
inbetween -spreading the vibe with his unique blend of house and techno,
fuelled by insatiable curiosity about the music’s future and profound
understanding of its past.

In addition, projects such as the Acid Symphony Orchestra, his synth-pop
band Sin Cos Tan, and NUNTIUS, a film project with Jimi Tenor, have kept
him busy in the last few years.

His 2018 solo album “Simple Music for Complicated People” combines his
love for the esoteric soundscapes and traditional pop sensibilities. The album
was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize.

2019 saw Jori touring live as a soloact for the first time since 2011, and
beginning a series of minialbums on his own Blanco & Tinto label, the first
being the synth pop heavy “Eurodisiac” followed by the deephouse of “Half in
the Bag.”

The pandemic didn’t leave our protagonist irresolute either, during the
months and years Jori recorded and released a number of EPs and albums,
be it solo, collab or with Sin Cos Tan, and continued to develope his live- and