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Native American Flute construction workshop

Students will learn Tsalagi (Cherokee) style Native Flute making, how to make a flute from a piece of wood, Rivercane or Bamboo, how to produce beautiful tones, and how to tune each note individually in order to produce agreeable melodies. All materials/tools will be provided, each student will be able to make their own handcrafted flute within the workshop’s time limit, learn a new skill that can be applied to the construction of flutes from cultures around the world. Each student will have the choice to make a right, or left handed flute. The cultural significance of this type of flute, and it’s connection to nature, will be discussed in addition to the demonstration of traditional flute songs, and a briefing on music theory for this style of traditional flute.

Length of the workshop: 1 hour

Language: English

The workshop is open to all ages, genders, and abilities.

Lakota Longwalker is a Native American Folk musician, and teacher of Tsalagi (Cherokee) heritage. Background is in performing, composing, and teaching Native American Folk Music, and instrument construction. Lakota produce, compose, arrange, market, and distribute original, and traditional Native Folk music that has garnered 2 nominations for the Native American Music awards as an independent, solo artist.