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Shishi (LT)

This is what surf music would sound like if it was made in the dark near the frozen shores of the
Baltic sea. Because it was.
Benadetta, Victoria and Maria Rosa (these are definitely not their real names) are a trio of
Lithuanian mermaids who create “zero-waste trash music” under the name “shishi”. They sing
about how it feels to be living in times when nothing makes sense anymore. Their music is
perfect for people who care about what’s going on, but don’t really know what’s happening.
Genre-wise shishi takes sugar, spice and everything nice from surf rock and blends it with a
chemical formula that has been distilled from the raw sounds of the best riot-girl and punk
bands. The result is a beautifully awkward eco-friendly vibe reminiscent of indie surf
frontrunners like La Luz or Tennis smashing into the powerful femininity of bands like Hole,
Kleenex and Delta 5.
The band known as shishi was initially formed by three vocalists trying to play instruments they
couldn’t play. Their 2018 debut album “NAx80” contains a secret swear word and was released
after some intense and rapid learning sessions (it was around this time that they became
mermaids, just in case you were wondering). Nominations, festivals and tours followed. As the
instrumental skills improved in 2020 shishi was signed by “The state51 Conspiracy” to release
their follow up album “Mafitishei” in which the band searches for new seas on which to splash
If this biography left you feeling more confused than informed and you suddenly want to dance
upside-down, you are now in the perfect mood for some shishi.

More on Shishi: Shop, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes!

What others have to say:
Louder Than War, 17/03/2020
The new track (Mafitishei) sounds like the shishi we’ve come to know and love; current,
intelligent, sharp and chock-full of nous. We hear echoes of that fizzy, knockabout “art-music”
made by Lizzy Mercier Descloux too, all fuzzed and frizzed up for C21. They’re a pop riot.

Louder Than War, by Richard Foster, 14/04/2020
Vilnius’s shishi are a great act, full of brio and intelligence. They make people’s pop music out of
a wide range of sonic parts, and are a knockout live band to boot.

FVMusicBlog, 23/04/2020
About ‘Oh God’: An upbeat pop vibe greets the listeners before layered and impactful vocals
take the lead. We loved the full-bodied sound, and driving feel of the track. The stoic rhythm
section creates a solid foundation for the wonderful vocals to sprint from. Layered harmonies
add unique texture and colour to the piece. Infectious guitar riffs consume the single, and we
are sure that ‘Oh God’ will have you reaching for the repeat button.

The Other Side Reviews, by Nicole Mendes, 21/04/2020
produces a unique funky punky sound for listeners. The track ‘Mafitishei’ is the first off
their upcoming album of the same name. Powerful and punchy, it’s a true demonstration of the
group’s lyrical and melodic abilities with some “girly badass-ness” thrown in.

It’s All Indie, by Fred Bambridge, 01/05/2020
The new cut (single ‘Mafitishei’) is just shy of the three minute mark and beautiful harmonies in
the intro which lulls you into the track, before the edgy guitars come, as well as the almost
punky vocals. The song reminds us more of post-punk revival, the sound that was very
prominent in the mid 00’s, but what the trio have done here is put a Baltic twist on it, with some
punchy hooks laced all over the track and the sing-a-long worthy vocals.
If there is any band out of Lithuania currently you need to check out it’s shishi.

Mystic Sons, by Chris Bound, 01/06/2020
Continuing that same bright and psychedelic aesthetic they bring to everything they create, ’OK
Thx Bye’ is a bold and abstract slice of irreverent indie-pop. With its minimal production and
quirky flow, their newest offering is the perfect coupling to these lazy days under the summer