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Skuzi is a suomitech hyperspeed warp-drive side-project of Frank Kukat. The project dwells into deep waters of prehistoric times and morphs ancient with the digital current times. Vision is to be out-from-the-time while being on-the-time.
The project started early 2021, when first suomitech EP was released to old school Suomisaundi label Pelto Records. First the project was strictly 180 BPM, but during 2022 it has slightly taken
creative freedom outside that particular BPM. Sampling, looping and lyrics written by Skuzi himself can be also heard as part of the sound. Although topics and themes are sometimes slightly on the darker side, the certain humour and positive delirium is fundamental part of Skuzi tracks.
Often mistaken to artist Skazi, Skuzi does not however go with the river too strongly. Instead the soundscapes are formed from forest basis; Skuzi means forest indeed in Finno-slango. So, giving that nice autumn leaf odor on top of everything is crucial ingredient ;D