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Sturle Dagsland (NO)

Sturle Dagsland is a highly acclaimed artist from Norway. With a wild and unique performance he captivates the audience and takes the listeners on an adventurous, surreal and beautiful journey. Touring frequently at festivals all across the world, from Shanghai to New York, he creates music with a dark, ethereal and irrefutable intensity that enchants the audience and leaves no one feeling indifferent. On stage Sturle and his brother are utilizing a wide range of different instruments, percussion and electronics from all over the world resulting in a captivating otherworldly performance. This eclectic sonic platform is matched and pushed further with Sturle’s voice: a blistering, uncompromising whirlwind of sound ranging from primal ferocious screams and throat-singing to ethereal angelic melodies. Indescribable!” – VICE “Music in its most raw form. It was life affirming” – Louder Than War “Extraordinary Throat-singing Performance” – The Independent ”Unlike anything I’ve heard before!” – The Quietus “Enchanting!” – The Needle Drop “The most interesting pop artist from Norway at the moment” – Der Spiegel ”Simultaneously beautiful, terrifying and exhilarating, which goes for this astonishing record as a whole. It feels closer to sorcery than songwriting” – MOJO ”Sturle Dagsland is one of the most interesting artists in the experimental music industry. A dream explorer who balance between avant-garde pop, psychedelia and electronic landscapes”-