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Reginald (real name Niklas Wiik) is a Finnish electronic musician, producer, and
remix artist from Helsinki. He first made appearances to the scene with his
previous alias NiQW and released several singles for labels like Toolroom,
Dirtybird, Night Bass. He continued under this moniker a number of years before
releasing his first EP as Reginald in 2020 on My Techno Weighs A Ton.

Under both of his pseudonyms and collaborative ventures, his work has ranged
from the heavier pounding techno to bass-driven tech house, acid and electro.

“My sound is mainly loopy groove-driven lo-fi techno where the beats don’t
always go by the 4/4 mold. I also drive inspiration from the West-Coast bass
movement, Chicago club style and minimalist electro and acid. Sound is limitless,
so why should anyone keep it simple?”

It’s possible that Reginald has made his biggest impact with the other side of his
craft: DJing.
Delivering his multicoloured taste with an impeccable mixing technique, he has
distinguished himself with sets as classy as they are party rocking. Late at night
and early in the morning at the 1000 capacity Sound nightclub in Los Angeles or at
the 100 capacity Helsinki private underground basement party,
he’s given countless unforgettable moments to innumerable people.