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Festival info

What, when, where? Food, drink, where to stay? Find all the information here.

Festival tickets, parking & festival buses

Festival tickets

Tickets are available via Osta liput and cost 85€/weekend. 

Please note! The weekend ticket is the only ticket type that allows entry on Sunday. Single-day tickets (Friday & Saturday) are sold later this spring.

Tickets purchased on our online shop will be sent to you via email. Advance tickets must be exchanged for a wristband at the gates by showing your ticket QR code.

Festival entry is for over 18s only, so please bring proof of ID.

Ticket payment with culture benefits

You can also pay for your festival ticket at the online store with some culture benefits (ePassi, Eazybreak, Smartum). If tickets are left at the festival gates, the following culture benefits are accepted: Tyky, Edenred and Smartum vouchers, the ePassi app, Smartum Saldo, Tyky- Online and Edenred Virike -mobilepay,  and the Eazybreak app. Please note that you can only purchase tickets with culture benefits at the gates if the festival has not been sold out!

Parking and festival buses

Festival buses from Helsinki, Turku and Tampere arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday. Three buses will arrive from Helsinki at different departure times, two from Tampere and one from Turku. Festival buses will come to sale later this spring.

Car parking is available next to the festival. Parking permits are available on our online shop later this spring.

Location and getting there

The address for the festival area is Nuutajärventie 453, Urjala, Finland.

Nuutajärvi is conveniently located in the centre of everything. From Tampere you will get there in less than an hour, from Turku a little over an hour, and from Helsinki in a couple of hours. From further away, you can get there in a few hours too!

Festival buses are back again this year to take you to Mitäs from Tampere, Turku and Helsinki. 

You can also drive to the festival, the parking site is located right next to the festival area. Parking permits are sold on online shop 15€/weekend later this spring. 

Traveling from abroad? Helsinki and Turku can be conveniently reached by boat (Eckeröline, Silja line, Viking) or by plane. After that, the easiest way is to hop on the festival bus and enjoy the ride to Mitäs.


Your festival ticket includes free camping. So once you arrive, set up your tent on the campground, forget about having to go home early, and enjoy the event into the early hours!

Having your own tent is the most convenient option and what’s more, the campground is right next to the festival area. The Everyman’s Rights also allow you to set up a hammock in the forest next to the festival area.

Please note festival security only covers the official campground.

Hungry or thirsty?

Mitäs offers delicious meals, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

Our two bars, Barpaali and Ullan baari 3000, offer a selection of drinks including craft beers and Mitäs cocktails.

Drinks are allowed on the whole festival area!

Other services

Card payment is available at the festival. However we recommend having some cash in case of connection issues. The nearest cash machine and supermarkets are located around 10km away in the centre of Urjala.

You can take a dip in the pond by the festival area and enjoy the sauna and natural water shower next to it. 

There are free drinking water taps available in the festival area and campground.

You can leave your phone to charge securely for a fee at the information point during opening hours.

Swimming and using the sauna, shower and water taps is free. There are no tobacco products for sale at the festival, so please bring these with you should you need to.

Safety and rules

Festival entry for over 18s only. Please bring proof of ID. 

There is a first aid tent manned by the Finnish Red Cross. 

The event adheres to the principles of a safer space, our new partners offer a place to calm down in the middle of the festival commotion, and the Awareness team travels around the area to ensure the atmosphere of a happy party. If you are interested in the subject more broadly, during the spring we will publish here a thesis carried out by Mitäs, which investigates how to create a safer space on the festival grounds.

You must not bring your own alcoholic beverages inside the festival gates.

Accreditation of the cultural sector

The accreditation of representatives of the cultural sector is available for those coming to work at Mitäs, aside from performing. 

If you wish to be accredited, please send a brief email to info@mitasmitasmitas.fi with the phrase “Accreditation of the cultural sector” in the subject. 

Please give an introduction about yourself and briefly tell us why you are seeking accreditation and when you will be arriving and departing. 

We will be in contact with all those approved for accreditation before the festival. If you are approved, you can enter the festival by letting us know your name and organisation at the entrance. 

If you are a representative of the media, please see the Media page for guidance on accreditation.