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Levin Lattenkamp

Levin Lattenkamp originally hails from the vibrant city of Cologne. Today he lives and works in Frankfurt, a city known for its deeply rooted techno scene. For many years, Levin has dedicated himself to producing his own music, making full use of his skills as a multi-instrumentalist. His passion for making music and his sensetive feel for sounds give his tracks a unique depth and in the same way uplifting power. Of particular note is his innovative use of vocals and warm synths, which add unexpected flavor to his sound. Levin’s career as a live DJ began in 2017 in the form of producer duo “Domkamp” and together they have since impressed on numerous stages and events. Performances range from intimate club sessions to major festivals.

His sets are not only musical experiences, but also performances that push the boundaries of traditional DJ art. Levin is known for his ability to captivate audiences with his carefully curated track selections and live performance. Levin Lattenkamp stands for creative innovation and tireless energy. His music is a journey through the pulsating rhythms and melodic layers of house and techno – always with a touch of unexpected magic.