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Miia Magia

Starting with her pure love for music, collecting records and clubbing lead Miia Magia to become one of the pioneering female fgures in the Finnish club scene. Her musical journey took her through 90’s UK alternative rock and 00’s Nu Disco & House, fnally arriving in today’s classic Deep House and Techno.
DJ’ing all over Finland, organizing parties and working residencies at legendary Helsinki clubs such as Semifnal, mbar and DTM also made her a strong character in the LGBTQ+ scene, leading the Helsinki Pride parade for several years in a row.
Invitations kept coming to Estonia, Spain and Sweden to play alongsides some of her favourite artists like Axel Boman, Cari Lekebusch, DJ Hell, Sister Bliss, Proteus, Orion and Roberto Rodriguez. Miia best describes her own style of playing as ”deep, moody, sharp and groovy”.
Living and breathing the Stockholm underground club and rave scene between 2015-2019 refned her skills as a DJ and ignited the start of her own label with Mr. Barth (aka. Cari Lekebusch). Motto Sono Records is now actively and comprehensively representing art and deep emotional grooves for the demanding DJ and audience with the motto ”the only good system is a sound system”.

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