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A recurring name in Helsinki’s electronic music and club scene through internationally and locally recognized curations, their monthly co-hosted radio show on IDA Helsinki; this non-binary ‘genre-polyglot’ breathes in influential, culture-driven inspirations from various continents, including but not limited to club edits with a hard kick  and ethereal soundscapes. Mixing the former with broken beats, bass heavy grooves, polyrhythms and a slightly higher bpm.

With active work within the creative community-based collective project ‘ post êxistance ’ and co-hosting Shivers Radio on IDA Helsinki, MORA has a love for curating club and art spaces via various concepts. Embracing QPOC, neuroqueer and multi-sensory values and the acts supporting them, stand in the forefront of their work. 

Their sets vary quite a lot depending on the theme and event. This one is as punchy as it gets. Blending Middle-Eastern IDM and Hard drum as well as Latin-tek, Hard dance, Trance and other techno infused subgenres; they channel their very own essence of rave through experimentalism and paying homage to cultural origins. 

In 2023, MORA took their craft to Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Tallinn. They also visited local radio stations while there. In Helsinki though, you can most frequently spot them at clubs like Post Bar, Kaiku and Ääniwalli.

https://www.instagram.com/jazmatar/https://www.facebook.com/morajasmin21https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kf9rlLiScghttps://soundcloud.com/mora_exe ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Instagram