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First line up announced and tickets on sale for the 7th year of Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs in summer 2022

The 7th Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs festival is celebrated on 15-17 July 2022 in Nuutajärvi, Urjala, and presale tickets are now available. Some of the acts include one of Finland’s most well known music producers Jori Sjöroos, Sturle Dagsland who combines throat singing with his music, and electronic music producer and singer-songwriter Detalji. The electronic music line up doubles thanks to a new dedicated performance area, and now you will be able to listen to techno and psychedelic trance in Mitäs Land throughout the weekend. As usual, the festival, which sold out last year, offers a celebration full of surprises in a relaxed atmosphere with arts, workshops and music of various genres.

Similar to previous years, the line up at Mitäs includes interesting emerging artists as well as less known gems. One of the acts just announced, Jori Sjöroos, is a Finnish composer, producers, songwriter and artist of multiple genres. Sjöroos’ newest album is an extraordinary combination of electro, grime, techno and pop, creating a fascinating unity of different voices and personalities. Sturle Dagsland has captivated audiences across the world with his wild and unique style where a daydreamer balances between avant-garde pop, psychedelia and electronic landscapes. Detalji mixes elements of trance, 90s techno and modern pop, and was awarded the Electronic Artist of the Year award in Femmagaala 2019 and shortlisted for the Läpimurto (‘Breakthrough’) award by radio channel YleX in 2019.

The five-piece band Mary Ann Hawkins takes the stage at Mitäs with a brand new album, set to release in spring 2022. Also performing at Mitäs is Maa ilmasta whose recent album release has scored great reviews from critics. The spot behind the DJ desk will be taken by Emma Valtonen, well known in Helsinki’s nightlife, along with Slovenian-Macedonian The Hermit, Kurkipotku, Luomuhappo, and Suomies, representing the third generation of suomisaundi.

This year, festival guests will be able to experience and try new forms of art thanks to a wider programme of multi-disciplinary arts and workshops. Fans of electronic music will be spoilt with a new dedicated performance area. NeoElement from Tampere will contribute to the visual elements of the festival, creating an all-encompassing visual experience on the electronic music stage. Multi-disciplinary art group Recover Laboratory will create immersive art experiences in Mitäs Land.

Many new acts will be announced during the spring! You can look forward to a programme that’s even more inspiring and experimental.

Presale tickets to the 7th Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival are available for 65€ for the whole weekend (Fri-Sun). After 18 March, the weekend ticket price rises to 75€. One-day tickets will be available later in the year. The weekend ticket is the only ticket type that allows entry on Sunday. Please note that Covid-19 restrictions for the culture and event industry may apply to the festival, in which case the festival may have to be cancelled or visitor numbers may be restricted.

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