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Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival announced more performers – including the first names of the multi-art and workshop program

Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival, one of Finland’s most unique events, announced more performers and the first names from the multi-art and workshop program. The festival’s program includes diverse art, new music and alternative culture phenomena. The 9th Mitäs will be held at Nuutajärvi Finland on July 12-14, 2024.

The artists who come to the Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival are known for breaking the boundaries of art and respecting its essence – creativity. Among the published artists are, for example, congratulations coming to Nuutajärvi from England, Finnish artist newcomer Goldielocks, Grande Mahogany serving soulful rhythms and swinging melody lines, energetic R’n’B Punk band Us and Bobomobile, known for post punk rocking and barracks.

The live music program also includes the eight-piece Gasthaus Orkesteri, known as the interpreter of Angelo Badalamenti’s inexplicable music, Serot playing alternative electronic music, Mojo Menders combining lofi and garage, Loins playing noise rock and the anti-cool-wave band Drug Store Raid. The new names also include Ahti Kulo, who makes experimental Finnish-language art pop, and Thomas Ignatius, who performs medieval synthesizer music.

The newly announced names include the electronic music band Desert Planet, which has achieved a prestigious cult status in the global beat music scene. In recent years, the band’s fun gigs have been a rare treat, but Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs promoters talked the band into activating their spaceship and plunging towards Mitäs Friday night.

The published names also include Carlina Carpelan, who has made a name for herself on the Finnish DJ scene, multi-instrumentalist Eppu, who serves a live set, sound design veteran KIWA, LERGOI, who has been influential in the UG scene for three decades, and Reivaajan Valinta, a synthesis of rave escapism and the Finnish soul scene. Mikko M, known from the festival’s Kukku stage, Nokkos, known from Suomisound, Oraakkelikela, a member of the Forestocrats collective and Hypnotica Records, Pdlc, known in the underground nightlife, Qvalia, who serves techno hubbub, and Tero Taxell, who is also known as an event producer in addition to his DJ career, are also included.

“This is my first visit to the Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival and I’m looking forward to the celebrations in July. I believe that there will be a great and communal event in the middle of the most beautiful Finland. And a good party!” – Tero Taxell

Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Festival is a celebration of free creativity that draws its breath from outside the box, which shakes its visitors out of the ordinary and leads them deep into the world of alternative music, art and surprising program numbers. 

The multi-art program features Spinsane, which offers death wheel acrobatics, Valosirkus Spektri, which shines in rainbow colors, and Next Level Crew, which combines theater and clownery in its fire shows. Also included is Kumma Linja, a participative installation using landlines abandoned in dusty closets, Council of the Void, which contains 13 works, and Yhtiö., which plays with efficiency thinking and capitalism.

The festival that is known for its inclusive program also published its first workshops. At the festival, you can practice feeling locks/emotion work Avaimet Lukkoihisi – Tunne tunteesi! -workshop, sew yourself a new outfit at Festarivaatetuunaus workshop or sing in the Karaoke Caravan. Guests can also create wonderful space landscapes with spray paints in the Space Painting workshop, learn the throat singing technique called kargyran or sing to the water, and look for new friends or a romantic partner in Mitäs Speed Dating.

The lineup will grow a lot during the spring and at the coming summer’s festival we will see a total of almost 100 program numbers. You can find out more about the published artists here.


The ninth Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs festival will be organized in Nuutajärvi in Urjala on July 12-14, 2024.